Hosting Women’s Only Online Poker tournaments PokerStars

    The PokerStars Website will mark women’s history month with a women’s only global online poker tournament.

    Get to Learn Poker to Life Game

    The free-to-play event is the latest initiative by Poker Power, a leading provider of on-site poker education and tournaments that aim to educate executive women through poker. victory996 Poker Power will also contribute a women-only poker night for the top 9 players to the final table, with Cancun vacation packages, sponsored by, Poker Professor Jonathan Little, Poker Coaching One-on-One-Poker Learning from, and WCP mentor Alex Fitzgerald.

    The event will star poker advocates such as Melanie Weisner and Xuan Liu, who play the tournament with bounties on their heads in addition to commenting. To better train the candidates to play in this tournament, WCP will be launching a poker 101 webinar on the YouTube website. This will be streamed to YouTube.

    Poker Power supports women in building up their talents by teaching and playing poker. This tournament will introduce women poker professionals and instructors to the table, inspiring women to play this evolving card game everywhere.

    Poker Power Executive Director and General Manager

    Founded in 2020, Poker Power is aimed at teaching women the skills they need for a poker table, such as planning, risk management, resource allocations, anger management and so on, to excel professionally. Women make up 49% of world population, and still have just 7% of CEO positions, and the organisation seeks to ‘shake the table’ and to restore a balance.

    Women’s Poker Engagement

    World College Poker, the organising online free-to-play poker tours for college students, collaborated with Poker Power to expand female university students’ interest in the game and transform the organisation into the only provider of women’s poker education using the WCP platform.

    World College Poker is excited to partner with Poker Power to meet the forthcoming women’s history month tourney globally. We should turn the table together in this masculine game and encourage devoted female players to make a difference. For PokerStars, Rebecca McAdam Willetts, Associate Director of Public Relations and Consumer Engagement, shared the exciting commitment of the organisation to help women play the game.

    PokerStars organised various events for their McAdam Willets female audience and outlined the launch of the “Our Voice” project, which enables women to comment on their experiences.

    Female Poker Shift

    PokerStars makes little attempt to provide an atmosphere that can nurture competition for all poker players. The leading world card room is now encouraging female players to join the unparalleled female-led PokerStars poker club, to celebrate the International Women’s Day and to reflect on equality.

    As the campaign is well established, our voices will bring a wide range of issues to female members of the society. In inviting Dan Bilzerian as a brand ambassador, Poker stars will not do the same misconduct Poker made.

    In order to build a product that is more suitable for the women and enhance the current experience, the forum would deepen the analysis of feedback. This is the first centralised attempt taken by PokerStars to gather more details on women’s involvement and perception of the platform.

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